Elena Dragu

Senior Partner


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“Ion Mincu” University of Architecture, Bucharest – Bachelor of Architecture
Masters Degree
“Sustainable Development: Integrated Concept of Building Environment and Energetic Audit”
Grand Prix
Contest for a Natural Science Museum Complex in Costanta, 2010

Elena is a conceptual architect as well. For her, every project is special, every client is unique, and in 15 years of architecture, each day brought into her life new thrills. Moreover, she enjoys the state of balance, coherence and inner peace that are generated at the end of each project. She is no friend of routine and compromise. 

She could have been a film director or a teacher, but instead she chose architecture. She has two master's degrees, one from Bucharest University and the other from Tilburg University and two scholarships in Hong Kong and Beirut. 2006 was the moment when she joined SYAA and few years later she was already made partner. Awarded and nominated at national competitions, Elena had great success with projects such as The Post Orchard Park from Brasov, central area of Rîmnicu Vîlcea and so on and so forth. 

For Elena, CUMULUS stands for a natural business evolution, including a deeper respect towards architecture and the force to generate new trends in the field.